Your Phnom Penh is happy to present Online Food Ordering

    Now you can order food online and get it delivered directly to your house. No more hassle with misunderstandings on the phone, you can order directly from your computer, tablet (ipad) or Smartphone. Choose among several restaurants with different cuisines and items.

    When you have ordered once your address will be saved, so the next time you order you just need to choose restaurant and food. You can save several addresses on your account, if you for example want to be able to order food to both your office and your house, or maybe to a friend’s place.

    Here is a quick guide of how to use the online ordering:

    1. Log in or Register
    2. Choose Restaurant to order from



    3. Choose what you want to eat and click on the item. When you have clicked on the item you can add extra instructions about your food (for example “No onion”) and then add it to the cart.
    If the item has two pluses (++) after it, it means that this item has more choices to choose between. Make your choices and add the item to the cart, then you can either continuing order or checkout.

    4. When you have chosen all items you want, click on the checkout button and you will come to the check out page.

    5. Check out: Make sure your order is correct, fill in what dollar bill you are going to pay with, your address information and your phone number. (The address nickname is the name that the address information will be saved under. It is only you who will bw able to see the address nickname.)

    6. Pin your place on the map if you know clearly were your house is located, this will make it easier for the delivery guy to find your house. You do this by clicking on the pin and drag it to your address on the map.

    7. Then click send and your food will arrive within an hour.

    The first time you order we will call you up to confirm your order and confirm you as a customer.

    We are looking forward to receive your order from our Online Food Ordering!


    Jenny Andersson
    July 13th, 2012
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