Les Délices d’Eva

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Walnut and chocolate tart
Walnut And Chocolate Tart 

When chocolate lovers go nuts…
#1 Tarts

Lemon curd and meringue tart
Lemon Curd And Meringue Tart 

The elegant rendez-vous of sweet meringue and fresh green lemon
#2 Tarts

Frangipane and apricot tart
Frangipane And Apricot Tart 

All the mediteranean soul and fragrances…
#3 Tarts

Mango Tart
Mango Tart 

Mango, Mango , Mango and only Mango!
#4 Tarts



Upside down pineapple cake
Upside Down Pineapple Cake 

Sweet dreams of carribean islands
#5 Cake


Coffee, mascarpone, chocolate…la dolce vita
#6 Cake

Flan Patissier
Flan Patissier 

Vanilla custard cream on home made puff pastry dough
#7 Cake

Chocolate fondant
Chocolate Fondant 

Strong chocolate can also have a soft spot for tenderness
#8 Cake



Banana and coconut muffin
Banana And Coconut Muffin 

A touch of coconut in a banana world
#9 Small bites

Blueberry muffin
Blueberry Muffin 

Chase the blues away with whole blueberries
#10 Small bites

Chocolate muffin
Chocolate Muffin 

Delicious home made praline paste and finest chocolate in one cake
#11 Small bites


Jewels of french pastry
#12 Small bites

$1.00 *
Financiers rasperry and hazelnut
Financiers Rasperry And Hazelnut 

France's finest…
#13 Small bites

Almond rocks
Almond Rocks 

Truly almonds
#14 Small bites



Tuna quiche
Tuna Quiche 

Take a cruise to delight
#15 Quiches

Quiche lorraine
Quiche Lorraine 

Bacon, cheese and light bechamel quiche
#16 Quiches

Cheese and spinach quiche
Cheese And Spinach Quiche 
#17 Quiches
Mushroom and gorgonzola quiche
Mushroom And Gorgonzola Quiche 

The sweet romance between France and Italy
#18 Quiches



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