Krama Restaurant

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    Bangkea Koh Kong
    Bangkea Koh Kong 
    #1 Main Course
    Braised fish with green peppers
    Braised Fish With Green Peppers 
    #2 Main Course
    Braised pork with green pepper
    Braised Pork With Green Pepper 
    #3 Main Course
    Deep fried pork ribs
    Deep Fried Pork Ribs 
    #4 Main Course
    Green mango salad with dry fish
    Green Mango Salad With Dry Fish 
    #5 Main Course
    Lab beef or pork
    Lab Beef Or Pork 
    #6 Main Course
    Papaya salad with shrimp
    Papaya Salad With Shrimp 
    #7 Main Course
    Trey Proma
    Trey Proma 
    #9 Main Course


    Chha Kdout chicken
    Chha Kdout Chicken 
    #1 Stir Fried
    Deep fried beef with sesames
    Deep Fried Beef With Sesames 
    #2 Stir Fried
    Deep Fried pork ribs
    Deep Fried Pork Ribs 
    #3 Stir Fried
    Fried beef with lotus root
    Fried Beef With Lotus Root 
    #4 Stir Fried
    Fried beef with pineapple
    Fried Beef With Pineapple 
    #5 Stir Fried
    Fried beef with tomato
    Fried Beef With Tomato 
    #6 Stir Fried
    Fried chicken lemongrass
    Fried Chicken Lemongrass 
    #7 Stir Fried
    Fried pork ribs lemongrass
    Fried Pork Ribs Lemongrass 
    #8 Stir Fried
    Fried shrimp or pork ribs sweet, sour sauce
    Fried Shrimp Or Pork Ribs Sweet, Sour Sauce 
    #9 Stir Fried
    Stir fried shrimp with broccoli
    Stir Fried Shrimp With Broccoli 
    #10 Stir Fried
    Stir fried squid with green peppers
    Stir Fried Squid With Green Peppers 
    #11 Stir Fried


    #1 Paste
    Fried noodle beef or seafood
    Fried Noodle Beef Or Seafood 
    #2 Paste


    Deep fried pork
    Deep Fried Pork 

    With French fried
    #1 Starter

    Deep fried shrimp Garlic
    Deep Fried Shrimp Garlic 
    #2 Starter
    Fish and Chips
    Fish And Chips 
    #3 Starter
    French fried
    French Fried 
    #4 Starter
    Shrimp Tempura
    Shrimp Tempura 
    #5 Starter


    Bamboo Fish soup
    Bamboo Fish Soup 
    #1 Khmer Soup
    Beef sweet sour soup
    Beef Sweet Sour Soup 
    #2 Khmer Soup
    Broher fish soup
    Broher Fish Soup 
    #3 Khmer Soup
    Chicken curry
    Chicken Curry 
    #4 Khmer Soup
    Korko soup Fish or pork
    Korko Soup Fish Or Pork 
    #5 Khmer Soup


    Fried Chinese cabbage
    Fried Chinese Cabbage 
    #1 Vegetarain
    Fried kale
    Fried Kale 
    #2 Vegetarain
    Fried morning glories
    Fried Morning Glories 
    #3 Vegetarain
    Fried vegetables with Tofu
    Fried Vegetables With Tofu 
    #4 Vegetarain


    Beef Lok Lak
    Beef Lok Lak 
    #1 Rice
    Chicken leg with steamed rice
    Chicken Leg With Steamed Rice 
    #2 Rice
    Chicken wings with steamed rice
    Chicken Wings With Steamed Rice 
    #3 Rice
    Fried beef hot basil with rice
    Fried Beef Hot Basil With Rice 
    #4 Rice
    Fried rice beef
    Fried Rice Beef 
    #5 Rice
    Fried rice seafood
    Fried Rice Seafood 
    #6 Rice
    Pork with steamed rice
    Pork With Steamed Rice 
    #7 Rice
    Pork ribs with rice
    Pork Ribs With Rice 
    #8 Rice

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