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    #1. Create Your Own BBQ Skewer $0.00

    Choose your choice
    3 Pieces +$5.50*
    4 Pieces +$6.25*
    5 Pieces +$7.25*
    6 Pieces +$10.75*
    7 Pieces +$11.75*
    8 Pieces +$12.50*

    Created your own BBQ skewer by choosing any below
    Khmer Beef Rolls (Marinated beef tenderloin, rolled with ginger and fresh spring onions, marinated with lime & Sugar) +$0.00
    Chicken Pandan Parcel (Khmer marinated chicken, wrapped in a fresh pandan Leaf) +$0.00
    Khmer Village Chicken (Palm Sugar marinated cubes of tender Khmer chicken) +$0.00
    Asian Duck, Soya Style (Grilled duck Breast marinated with soya sauce and sesame seeds) +$0.00
    Pork Ribs (Lightly sweet marinated pork ribs) +$0.00
    Frog (Frog stuffed with minced Pork) +$0.00
    From The Tonle Sap (Fresh river fish, warped in banana leaf with fresh ginger and shallots) +$0.00

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