What is Online Ordering?
Your Phnom Penh has built a small bridge between some of Phnom Penh’s restaurants and its capitals hungry people that prefer the convenience of ordering food online.
We list the menus and food of restaurants and provide an easy way to order food the way you like it. As a registered member you have an own delivery address book so you don’t need to enter all the details every time you order. You also have the possibility to store your favorite food and restaurant for easy access.

All our operators are fluent in English & Khmer and communicate directly with the restaurants to for easy food ordering and reliable delivery service!

Operating Hours
Online Ordering is open every day, including weekends, from 8am to 9pm.

Some restaurants are open earlier or later than online ordering, which we may not always show.

How do I Order?
1. First you have to choose restsaurant you want to order from.
2. Then you choose which dishes you want to order and add them to your cart.
3. When your have choosen all the food you want you go to check out and confirm your delivery details.
4. Finally you send the order. When you have sent the order you can no longer change your order.

If you experience troubles with the website please contact the Support team. You can find them on the start page when they are online.

What is my delivery fee?
Delivery fees are according to the restaurant since Your Phnom Penh is not responsible for the delivery itself. We may not always specify if there is an extra delivery fee.

How long will it take?
Your food will be delivered to you, on average, in 45 minutes. However, if your order is very large or you live very far away from the restaurant, you may want to order an hour in advance.

In bad weather or during holidays order may take longer than usual. If you worry about the order please contact the restaurant as it is they who provide the delivery service.

Service “Issues”
Please contact the restaurant directly if you have any problems with your order. For other issues you are welcome to contact our Support team or e-mail us at support@yourphnompenh.con

Does the restaurants have the same prices on yourphnompenh.com as in the restaurant?
Restaurants decide the prices to be listed at Your Phnom Penhs Online Ordering.

Some restaurants may have raised their prices compared to their in-house menu. If you see something that you think is above normal than in the restaurant, please do not hesitate to tell us.

Your Phnom Penh Strives to Protect Your Personal Data
Your Phnom Penh has never and will never release your personal information to an outside party. That is a promise and a guarantee

Business Development
If you are restaurant interested in joining Your Phnom Penh’s online ordering, please email sales@yourphnompenh.com

If you are in a city in Cambodia, that you think needs Online
Food Ordering, also contact sales@yourphnompenh.com