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      Soft Drinks, Water, Beer and Wine

      Coca Cola (330ml)
      Fanta Orange (330ml)
      Soda Water Schweppes (330ml)
      Sprite (330ml)
      Tiger (330ml)
      ABC (330ml)
      Anchor (330ml)
      Angkor (330ml)
      Cambodia (330ml)
      Red Bull (250ml)
      Kulan Mineral Water 500ml
      Vina Maipo, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (75 cl)
      Vina Maipo, Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay (75cl)
      Mixtus, Chardonnay/Torrontes (75cl)

      Fresh Fruits

      Golden Pear
      Green Apple
      Red Apple
      Banana Dole (4 pieces)

      Mobile Top Up

      $5 Cellcard Top Up
      $5 Smart Top Up
      $5 Metfone Top Up


      Steamed Rice
      Lay’s Potato Chip
      Doublemint Peppermint Bottle
      Dutch Milk Fresh Milk 2L
      White Loaf
      Aniosafe Savon Doux HF 500ml
      Alcohol  – 90o – Surface cleaning

      Driver Tip (Tap multiple time for more tip) – Thank you!

      $0.25 Driver Tip
      $0.50 Driver Tip


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