New online ordering


New features customers

  1. Fewer bugs (cart, duplicates etc)
  2. Pay with credit card/PayPal online
  3. Order from multiple restaurants in 1 order
  4. Get points for each purchase to use on checkout page (loyalty)
  5. Re-order button for your previous order
  6. See/add product ratings
  7. Use discount codes
  8. Zone-based delivery fees
  9. Manual address entry
  10. Membership option free pickup
  11. Additions and options are visible in popup on product click
  12. Wishlist (private and public)
  13. Cart Recovery (automatically send email to user if they do not complete the order in 30 minutes, 1h and 2h with discount)

New features for admin

  • Add product to order (search)
  • Create discount codes

Missing features

  • Assign order to driver
  • Send sms order to driver
  • Print restaurant receipts with YPP price