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Trunkh is concept store selling everything from high art and furniture to street fashion and everyday homewares, it is one of kind store in Cambodia. Prices range from $1 to $1000, and the product mix includes lightweight and compact items made easy for shipping and travelling.

Items include discarded hand painted street and shop signs, silk screened bedlinen and soft furnishings, photo reprints on canvas, original art, used handmade iron and wood stools, resprayed tin furniture, enameled and ceramic kitchenware, limited edition linen shirts and boxers, designer t-shirts, scarves, jewels and ephemera rescued from demolished colonial buildings.

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Sakura Recycle Shop (Str.271)

Sakura Recycle Shop is one of the biggest second hand chains in Phnom Penh, they have five different stores in Phnom Penh and one in Siem Reap. Their shop on Street 271 is probably their biggest shop and it even has a special furniture department. Sakura import all their second hand products from Japan and their shop is nice and organized.

The place is swamped with a random selection of used stuff and at times it can be hard to see the good stuff, but if you have time and you are looking for a bargain then this is a great place.

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Toto Recycle Shop Japan

Toto Recycle Shop is one of the few second hand stores in Phnom Penh. They get all their second hand products from Japan. The place is swamped with a random selection of used stuff, mostly clothes but they also have toys, china, bags and shoes. You can also find a few vintage items here. At times it can be hard to see the good stuff because of all the stuff. But if you have time and want to find bits and pieces to bargain prices this is the place to visit.

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Tendance Khmere

Walking in to Tendance Khmere is like walking in to a colorful heaven of pillows and quilts. Their products are handmade here in Phnom Penh by a smaller team of skilled local craftsmen under the guidance of Tendance Khmere founders, Flavien and Nina Lambert.

They use a unique combination of wonderful fabrics to design and produce exquisite décor items for your home.

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Happy Painting

Happy Painting is an art shop showing and selling art by the artist Stéphane Delaprée from Canada.  Stef, as he calls himself, came to South-East Asia for over 10 years ago and then started to draw colorful and lively portraits of the Cambodian life.

In the art shop located on riverside close to Street 178 you will not only find paintings but also sculptures carved in natural wood and painted by hand, postcards and T-shirts.