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EcoSense Cambodia

Ecosense-Cambodia provides superior quality biodegradable food packaging (which is a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam & plastic.)

Their products are made of natural fibers such as sugar cane, which makes them entirely compostable.

Coming from sustainable and renewable sources, the products do not carry any GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or carcinogen substances.

Technical Specification

100% Non-toxic contamination
100% Biodegradable in 45 days
100% Microwavable
100% Non-wood fiber
100% Resistant to temperature from -40°C to +250°C


Let us know what you think about our ambition and how much you care about the environment choices we can do? Take survey!

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PP Players at Department of Performing Arts

Phnom Penh Players believes that theatre provides a wonderful forum to engage people in a fun, positive social environment and simultaneously bring value to the local community through entertainment and the national community through fundraising support. As such, it brings together people from across the Phnom Penh community who wish to contribute as volunteers towards Phnom Penh Players’ three key purposes:

  1. To provide opportunities for children, young people, and adults in Phnom Penh to participate in theatre production  and performance;
  2. To provide opportunities for people in Phnom Penh to enjoy high quality theatrical performances; and
  3. To provide broader public benefit through the donation of all profits generated through these productions to nominated NGOs operating within Cambodia.
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The Winehall is a wholesale and retail wine shop in the heart of Phnom Penh, where quality becomes affordable. The Winehall offers a wide variety of wines from different countries of origin, grape varieties, and price ranges..We have hidden some real gems and rare treasures among our range, waiting for you to be discovered, and are also proud to offer you some of the best environmentally friendly wines around. Please find a selection of our wines for online ordering below, but do come by our shop to join for weekend tastings, every Friday 5pm – Sunday 7pm. Enjoy!

Delivery hours: 9.30 – 19.30
Mon –Sun

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Trunkh is concept store selling everything from high art and furniture to street fashion and everyday homewares, it is one of kind store in Cambodia. Prices range from $1 to $1000, and the product mix includes lightweight and compact items made easy for shipping and travelling.

Items include discarded hand painted street and shop signs, silk screened bedlinen and soft furnishings, photo reprints on canvas, original art, used handmade iron and wood stools, resprayed tin furniture, enameled and ceramic kitchenware, limited edition linen shirts and boxers, designer t-shirts, scarves, jewels and ephemera rescued from demolished colonial buildings.

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Boom Boom Records

They are established since 2002, they provide with lot of music and TV shows and movies you can choose from their cataloged. They upload it to your iPod, iPhone, memory card, flash drive , or even to your laptop , according to your convenience.

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Himawari Microbrewery

Himawari Microbrewery is the 1st and only microbrewery launched by its 5-star hotel in Cambodia. The beers crafted in this microbrewery is unique and of the highest quality.

The brewery has been mashing, Lautering and fermenting some of the finest malts and hops to create three-new and exclusive beers to Cambodia.

Nelson Blonde
A temptuous and smooth Blonde Ale with 4.5% alcohol, High-lights have the distinctive flavor and aromas of Nelson Sauvin hops, distinctive to a crisp-cool climate which develops “fruitiness”.

Gem & Jade
The flavors of the Orient collide into a Golden Ale 5% alcohol that showcases the balance of malt and hops. The unique combination of Pacific Gem & Pacific Jade “Alpha” hops by the malt character attribute to the unique “bold” citrus and crushed black pepper taste

Honey SAP
Sweet, yet seductive, Deep & Rich Ale, 5.5% to 6% alcohol, The freshly harvested honey from Tonle Sap and Mondulkiri, is the star of this beer! With the high content of protein substance and blending of various malts the flavor incorporates the flavors of Cambodia.

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Phnom EcoKidswear

Phnom is quality kids fashion made with environmentally friendly materials and a socially responsible soul. Simple style ideas are blended with cool designs and each piece is carefully made by hand. Organic materials sourced in new zealand and cambodia are transformed through design and craftsmanship into clothes for loy-cool-kids. It’s the perfect way to give your kids a green education without sacrificing a bit of style.

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U6 Mini Mart

About the U6 Mini Mart
U6 Mini Mart is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Company is working in General business, Food retailers, Supermarkets, Food products, Supermarket business activities.