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Tonle Bassac Restaurant

Tonle Bassac is a buffet restaurant close to Parkway Center.  They serve Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and European lunch and dinner. They have grilled sea food, sushi and Sashimi, BBQ and more. You can also rent a comfortable private room for holiday parties, company parties, conference or workshops.

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Baan Thai

Baan Thai is a Thai/ Khmer restaurant located in a traditional Cambodian-style wooden house shaded by large mango trees and outfitted with low tables and floor pillows. 

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Khmer Surin – South Gate

Khmer Surin is a restaurant set in a large Khmer traditional-style building south of Independence Monument. The food is a combination of Khmer and Thai specialties. The decor is slightly over-the-top, but hundreds of hanging plants and orchids create a garden-like feel to the shaded, open-air space. If you prefer a more rural style of dining, head upstairs where floor cushions are arranged around low tables with balcony views of the street below.

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Chayyam is a vibrant Asian style restaurant and theatre holding up to 60 people, equipped for traditional Khmer dance and live music performances. Its elegant style and ideal location make it the perfect group experience-gourmet dining and live performances in one cozy venue.

Traditional Dance Performance are offered every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

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Chiang Mai Riverside

Chiang Mai Riverside offers a good selection of authentic Thai cuisine. The menu features a wide variety of curries, seafood, and soups. The atmosphere is unexpectedly charming -weathered plaster walls hung with gilt-framed Khmer paintings. Indoor seating with a riverfront view.

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Lemongrass is a narrow indoor restaurant with an intimate feel.
They serve classical Thai and Khmer cuisine at an affordable price.
There is also a small second floor loft with cushioned seating on the floor.

Daily Happy Hours 5 – 7pm Cocktails: Buy One Get One Free.