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Tacos Kokopelli

Tacos Kokopelli is a Mexican Restaurant.

Kokopelli is a humpbacked flute playing fertility deity who presides over agriculture, especially the corn and flour that are the basis for our tortillas.

Come and enjoy fresh local Cambodian ingredients in authentic Mexican dishes, or enjoy Kokopelli’s trickster side in Asian fusion that pairs the most delicious regional dishes with Mexican presentations. Kokopelli’s musical nature is manifested in our weekly Sunday Sundowner Sessions jam and open mic hosted by Joe Wrigley, and LIVE music nights on Fridays.

Tacos Kokopelli are committed to doing what’s right for the environment, not because it’s trendy or hip, but because it’s the right thing to do. Their menu showcases fresh local produce, focusing on sustainable meats and including vegetarian and vegan options. They do not using plastic water bottles, and will be offering free chilled water instead. The lighting is comprised of low energy and LED bulbs and they are reducing our energy use wherever possible. Their used oil goes to Naga biofuels for safe recycling, and all our cans and paper / cardboard is recycled too. For delivery they use biodegradable containers in place of Styrofoam.

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Cocina Cartel

Homemade tortillas, top-shelf tequilas, slow cooked meats, and fresh-made salsas are just a few reasons that make Cocina Cartel the best Mexican restaurant in Phnom Penh.

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Garage Bar

Phnom Penh’s premier music bar offers the city’s best burger (cooked sous vide) , flame grilled pizzas, Cuban sandwiches, and authentic Mexican dishes featuring hand made corn tortillas. Comfortable, air-conditioned and now smoke free.

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Cantina is a Mexican restaurant along the riverside. Their tortillas and salsa are made fresh every day using the authentic ingredients from Mexico. And of course don’t forget the margaritas!