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Buckhunger is a soup kitchen that provides free lunches to some of the poorest children of Phnom Penh. In one day they feed more than 200 hungry kids who are about 3 to 11 year old children accompanied by adults or guardians. Everyone is welcome to the soup kitchen that is located on Street 460, close to Tuol Tompoung Market.

Buck Hunger also assists young adults through its restaurant training programme. The soup kitchen is staffed by 15 young people. They all receive on-the-job-training to prepare them for working in the service industry.

Buckhunger is a small organisation that depends on private donations, so you are more than welcome to contribute.

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Sakura Recycle Shop (Str.271)

Sakura Recycle Shop is one of the biggest second hand chains in Phnom Penh, they have five different stores in Phnom Penh and one in Siem Reap. Their shop on Street 271 is probably their biggest shop and it even has a special furniture department. Sakura import all their second hand products from Japan and their shop is nice and organized.

The place is swamped with a random selection of used stuff and at times it can be hard to see the good stuff, but if you have time and you are looking for a bargain then this is a great place.

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Toto Recycle Shop Japan

Toto Recycle Shop is one of the few second hand stores in Phnom Penh. They get all their second hand products from Japan. The place is swamped with a random selection of used stuff, mostly clothes but they also have toys, china, bags and shoes. You can also find a few vintage items here. At times it can be hard to see the good stuff because of all the stuff. But if you have time and want to find bits and pieces to bargain prices this is the place to visit.

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Cantina is a Mexican restaurant along the riverside. Their tortillas and salsa are made fresh every day using the authentic ingredients from Mexico. And of course don’t forget the margaritas!

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Chinese Noodles House

Chinese Noodles or Zhong Guo La Mian (中国拉面), as it is called in Chinese, is a typical simple Chinese noodle place with the fluorescent lightning and small tables but they serve some of the best hand made noodles (la mian, 拉面) you can find in Phnom Penh and they also have a small selection of other Chinese  dishes. It is a perfect restaurant for Chinese expats looking for the taste of home, or anyone who want to try authentic Chinese food for a reasonable price.

Some of their specialties are the pork and chive dumplings that you can get either steamed or fried, and of course their hand made noodle soups.