Okay, so I’ve been very quiet lately.  For two reasons, first The Boy has been sick, which has meant a lot of chilling out at home watching movies, secondly work has been really busy.

Normally I am blessed with a one and half hour lunch break.  Which I have to admit I have grown to love.  Plenty of time to eat, run the odd errand, go for a walk etc.  It’s glorious.  Unfortunately the past couple of weeks most days I’ve been so busy that I’ve had to rush back to the office as soon as I’ve scoffed my lunch.  Which brings me to a problem I have recently identified: Phnom Penh does not have much fast food.  

I should clarify, by fast food I don’t mean KFC and Lucky Burger, I mean decent food in a hurry.  When I was working in Oz I could duck out and grab lunch in 10 minutes.  There were countless options all ready and waiting, sushi, sandwiches, salads, soups…all pre-prepared and waiting to be grabbed and taken back to work.  But here in Phnom Penh, although there are many lunch options, there are very few that are pre-prepared and ready to go, not many places where you just dash in and grab something.

So last week when I was crazy busy at work and had all of about 15 minutes to get lunch I could think of only one option.  A pie from Pelican Pies.  

The pie menu is pretty simple.  All pies are $3.50.
The great thing about pies is they are sitting there, piping hot and ready to eat.  I went for the daily special…. steak & mushroom, and it was on a plate in front of me within 20 seconds.
My only gripe is that it could have done with a little more steak.
I love the fact that the TV there is tuned to the Australia Network and I could listen to Wil Anderson’s Aussie accent as I ate my very Australian lunch.  

The pie was average, but if you’re after fast food (and don’t want KFC or Lucky Burger) this is one of the few options.

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