It’s so easy to come home from a trip to somewhere like Cambodia with a suitcase bursting at the seams with cheap clothes and souvenirs.  I know, I’ve done it.  It’s true, this is definitely the place to stock up on T-shirts, summer clothes, scarves etc.  However its also nice to come home with at least one thing that you really love. Something that you will keep for years to come. An item that will remind you of your trip to Cambodia every time you use,wear or see it.

So, with that in mind, here are five ideas of places to find a great memento of your trip to Cambodia (the kind you will want to keep) or a beautiful gift for someone special…  

1. A handmade piece of Khmer craft made by Artisans Angkor

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Artisans Angkor is dedicated to preserving traditional Khmer crafts and training  young Cambodians.  Their showrooms are full of beautiful handmade silk, wood and silver products.  If you have the chance, I’d highly recommend visiting their workshops in Siem Reap.  Once you’ve met the artisans and seen how these items are hand-crafted you will have a special appreciation for the beauty of these pieces.  A handmade traditional Khmer handicraft will remind you of Cambodia every time you set eyes on it (and you can feel good about supporting an organisation providing opportunities for young people).

2. A classic quilt from Mekong Quilts

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Mekong Quilts is an NGO operating in Cambodia and Vietnam that produces beautiful quilts and other accessories, as well as providing sustainable employment for women.  These quilts are a keepsake that will last a lifetime.  Take one home and every time you snuggle into bed you can remember your trip (and feel good that you’ve helped provide employment for women in Cambodia).

3. A unique bag from Smateria

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Smateria makes a great range of bags with funky designs made out of recycled materials, including mosquito nets and recycled motorbike seats.  They also stock wallets and other accessories.  I love their mosquito net products, which come in a range of vibrant colours.  With plenty of designs for him or her, come here to find yourself a unique and practical souvenir, that’s eco-friendly too.

4.  A stunning dress from Ambre

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At Ambre you can find yourself a stunning dress created by one of Cambodia’s talented designers, Romyda Keth.  I fall in love every time I walk into Ambre.  The designs are simply gorgeous.  Buy yourself a dress here and enjoy telling everyone who comments on it where you got it.

5. A beautiful piece of artwork

A piece of original artwork is, in my opinion, on of the best souvenirs.  I picked these up in Siem Reap, but you can find plenty of paintings at one of the stores that line Street 178 (Art Street) or at the Russian Market.  Depending on where you shop, you may also get to meet the artist, making your souvenir even more special!

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