Today I needed to pick up a few bits and pieces for the kitchen, so at lunchtime I popped into my favourite market.

Lunchtime is my favourite time to shop, as the markets are quieter so you don’t have to compete with as many other tourists and shoppers.  Plus, most of the sellers are either eating or resting, which means they’re not really interested in you and you can peruse their wares without the incessant “you want… you buy….”

Central Market, or Psaa Tmey (literally translated New Market) was originally constructed in the 1930’s and its gorgeous Art Deco dome was recently restored.  Not only does it make for a beautiful building, but it also means that inside the market is lovely and cool (well at least comparatively).

The magnificent central dome is home to all manner of sparkly items.  Usually guarded by sleepy policemen.  From this point you can choose one of the four internal wings, or one of the four doors to the external sections of the market depending on what you’re after.

This is a great market for wandering, the paths through the market are very spacious so you don’t feel like you’re tripping over other shoppers, sellers etc.  Most of the market is shady and undercover but still light and airy.  Plus there’s so many stalls bursting at the seams with things to buy!

Apart from the usual tourist offerings, this is, in my opinion, the best market for buying household items, including kitchen, bathroom and laundry items.  All my crockery and glassware came from this market.

This is also one of my favourite markets for fresh food.  There’s a great selection of vegetables, including some of the harder to find items such as zucchini, red capsicum, asparagus and leeks.

But my favourite spot in the market, by far, is the fresh flowers. Regardless of what I’ve come to the market for, I always make a point of walking through the fresh flower aisle, inhaling the beautiful fragrance and admiring the fresh cut blooms, and if I can come up with an excuse I’ll walk out with a large freshly made up bouquet.

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