Although Phnom Penh has countless options for eating and drinking.  Every time I hear about a new cafe or restaurant, I hear myself saying, “Great, I’ll have to try that some day”. But some day never comes, and I find myself at the same old places week in week out. 

That was one of the reasons I decided to start blogging about Phnom Penh.  If I want to keep writing new things, I’m going to have to keep trying new places, right?

So today, the Boy and I decided to head to Gasolina for lunch.  I’d heard of Gasolina a couple of times and driven past a few times but hadn’t really heard whether it was any good.  Only one way to find out then!  

Gasolina is just around the corner from Boeung Keng Kang market on Street 57.  Once you enter, you’ll find that the whitewashed walls are hiding a spacious and sunny oasis.  The perfect spot to chill out after a morning navigating the market.

When I saw those daybeds I almost wished I had a novel to curl up with.

We ended up settling down on the shady terrace.

I just ordered a starter, as I wasn’t very hungry.  The boy ordered a barbequed beef steak, which they barbeque in front of you.

My starter was huge!

Well, at least I thought so until I saw the Boy’s BBQ.  When he ordered we were debating which side to order, but we needed of worried because it comes with ALL the sides.

And the main event, barbequed beef filet on a bed of barbequed eggplant, barbequed garlic tomatoes and barbequed fresh mushroom skewers.
And three sauces (the garlic pepper one at the back was awesome!).

It was a feast and all for the grand sum of US$8! (My fried potato starter was $3.50)

We were both stuffed at the end of it, but couldn’t resist the Chocolate Mousse, so we managed to squeeze this bad boy in too!

It was totally worth it!

If you haven’t checked out Gasolina I would definitely recommend a trip.  The menu is simple but the bbq is good value.  In addition to beef there’s chicken and seafood on offer.

I would especially recommend going if you have kids.  This place is fabulous for kids, with plenty of room for them to run around, swings and a sandpit, not to mention a great kids menu. 

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