I have been telling hubby we should eat in this restaurant. Not that I have eaten here before but I was
intrigued with their signage – Mama Restaurant Real Thai Food

I love Thai food! And there’s not a lot of good Thai restaurant here in PP.

Anyway, the other night hubby conceded and we went there. Great thing it’s now walking distance from our new apartment.

The place is big and they have seafood live station. You can choose the way you want your seafood cooked.

We ordered a fish and had it deep fried because our son wants a crispy fish. So aside from the fish, we had the following:

Pineapple fried rice $5.00
Shrimp cake $5.00
Pad thai $4.00
Stir-fried mixed vegetables $4.00
The food was okay. Nothing spectacular but then nothing bad either. In fact, I liked the stir-fried veggies and the pineapple fried rice. But the pad thai, I think I’ve had better.
Anyway, the noodles they used for their pad thai was the thin kind, not the usual flat noodles. This is the second or third time I’ve encountered such, so that left me wondering what noodle is really used for authentic pad thai?
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