We arrived back in Phnom Penh last Monday night. As usual, I had a hard time saying goodbye to Philippines.

This was at the Hongkong International Airport. Look how big we got in just 3 weeks in the Philippines. I gained almost 3kgs. LOL! It’s worth it though. I will just exercise and eat healthy again.

I’ve mentioned we were flying Cathay Pacific this trip. What a disappointment! Service was lackadaisical and food was so-so. From Hongkong to Manila, we had pork puff and drinks. From Manila to Hongkong we had another puff of some sort with fruits and drinks. Thai Airways had better food than them!

Anyway, it was very cold in Hongkong on our way back to Cambodia, even inside the airport. I was really cold and I had no scarf so I used an AirAsia blanket to cover up while having drinks at Starbucks. LOL!

Call the fashion police now! Hahaha!!!

I love taking photos of the clouds everywhere I go. And this one looks like snow melting in the ocean.

Photo edited through camera+.

It’s now Thursday but my body clock is still adjusting to our old routine here. Waking up at 4am is so hard.

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