We went to a photo ID shop yesterday to have our Photo ID taken. We need it for EJ’s school.

The day before we were going to have our photo ID taken, I already informed EJ because I know that he has an issue with those big cameras and big flash.

Actually, I think it’s become a phobia for him. I don’t know where, how or when it exactly started but hubby and I surmise it started when he was hospitalized. The big camera and the big flash reminds him somehow of the Xray machines and citiscans.

When I told EJ we were going to have our picture taken, he did not want to go but after I explained that the school needs his picture and that there’s nothing to be scared about it, he agreed reluctantly. I thought everything was okay.

When we were in the studio, I had the first go to show EJ that it’s quick and it doesn’t hurt at all. When we asked him to go next, he started to cry so hubby went next while I talk some sense into EJ.

When it was his turn, I volunteered to stay beside him. But he wouldn’t even move from where he was standing. And then he went ballistic. Okay, not really. He cried and just wouldn’t move.

It took almighty effort from my side not to lose patience. I know I should not be mad but I also could not keep my emotions in check.

After what seemed like a very long time of cajoling EJ, he finally sat still but he still wouldn’t look at the camera directly.

I am sure the photographer was pissed but at least he did not show it. LOL! The photographer took five shots but nothing seemed okay. We told him to just select the “best”. Anyway, this is not for passport purposes, just for school records.

After the incident, we talked to EJ again. We asked him why he’s scared of the flash and the camera. He did not answer. We told him, we’re going to have our picture taken again for our Japan visa and if he doesn’t want his picture taken he can say goodbye Tokyo Disneyland. That made him think and then he said, “I am going to have my picture taken, Mom!”

Good. Let’s see if he’ll stick with his words.

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