It is a slow week for me but thank God it’s Friday tomorrow. I feel like I haven’t been productive this week.

I have been thinking a lot about going on another vacation to the Philippines end of July or early August. I know we just got back but EJ is on a summer break. He still goes to summer program until next week but he is really getting bored and he doesn’t want to finish the summer program anymore. 
We made a compromise, he will just finish 1 more week of summer class (summer program ends July 27) and then he’ll be free until the start of the next school year. The next school year will only commence on September 3. That’s about two months of vacation time for him. 
It’s good that he gets to rest but I am also worried he’ll just become a couch potato or a gadget-toting kid the rest of the summer. 
If we go home, I plan for us to stay in the province. There will be lots of things for him to do there. He could go swimming in the beach everyday if he likes, he could finally learn to bike without the training wheels, he could catch spiders with the other kids and make it fight or anything he desires. 
And I am sure I could find something useful to do while we are there. 
The only problem is that we are saving hubby’s vacation leave for December. We are planning to spend our Christmas in the Philippines, for a change.
Hubby could use his VL and join us for a week or two in the province or he could just stay here in Phnom Penh.
But either way, it doesn’t really sit well with us. And besides we have an upcoming travel to Tokyo this October. We need to tighten our belts. Tokyo is not cheap.
But I am sure we’ll find a way to combat boredom for our almost 6-year old kid (he’s turning 6 on August!) without spending too much.
I think I am just really a worrywart. 
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