Congratulations to our little Elephant who finished the school year in high spirits! LOL!

Today is EJ’s last day in school for this school year. But the short ceremony was done last Wednesday. The kids performed the classic nursery rhyme story, The Three Little Pig. It was so cute!

EJ was the second little pig. Here he is building his house of stick. He really got into the groove. LOL!

The big bad wolf is waiting to blow the second little pig’s house away! LOL! After the short performance the kids received their “diploma” from their teachers.

Here are EJ’s pictures with some of his friends.

With Luca
With Jack
With Ondai
With Vilgot

Tonight, we will celebrate EJ’s accomplishment. We let him choose where he wants to eat and he said Sofitel. Expensive taste, baby. But hey, you deserve the treat!

Congratulations little big boy. We are so proud of you and your achievements. Keep it up. We love you so much.

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