I probably have lost a kilo or so yesterday! No kidding!

We moved to our new apartment yesterday. And hubby and I did not stop working until everything was put in its place. Well, not everything is in its proper place yet but at least there are no more boxes or bags on the floor.

I like our new place because it’s bright. There’s plenty of natural light coming in. And of course, I like that everything is new.

The curtains are not bad either. At least that’s one less trip to the curtain stores. Also glad that we were able to hang EJ and hubby’s painting right away because there was already a provision for that above the TV.

EJ loves the terrace. It’s big. He can even play his scooter and bike. And yes, we do have a nice view of the city unlike our last apartment which has no view at all. LOL!

I hope and pray we’ll have a blissful stay in this apartment.

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