During our recent vacation in the Philippines, we went to visit my father in the province – Madrid, Surigao del Sur. I made sure our visit coincide with the town’s fiesta. That way we get to eat free lechon. LOL!

But on the day we arrived, my father already prepared a little feast for us, even if it wasn’t the town’s fiesta yet. This was waiting for us at home..

Lechon (crispy skin and delicious meat inside), kinilaw na nukos (my favorite), boiled sweet potato, grilled bangus, budbod na kalibre (suman na cassava, also my favorite), crabs, kinilaw na bangus, etc. I couldn’t ask for a better welcome than this. My only regret, I wasn’t able to eat well because I was tired from the long trip. LOL!

My brother, with his wife and daughter, who’s based in Manila came with us. And my sister who’s based in another town in Surigao also came home with her hubby and daughter.

Our old house in Madrid unfortunately only has one room with aircon and with three families with kids, it is just too small.

Good thing, my other brother (the eldest) has a beach house in a nearby town that’s big enough to accommodate three families. So we stayed there and the kids had a grand time swimming and playing by the beach.

EJ in Tito Jeff’s beach house (background).

Kids having a grand time! My other niece couldn’t join as she’s barely 2 months old. Looking at the pictures, I realized something’s missing. Something like this…

A double lounger at ChaiseLounges.com. Isn’t this pretty and comfy? Next time, I visit the province I’d be sure to convince my brother to buy something like this. LOL!

There’s really nothing like home. Just writing this post makes me homesick. How I wish I could go home anytime I want to.

Our next home travel is still next year but we might shorten it and go visit home by October or December this year.

My reason?

I hadn’t had enough lechon. LOL!

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