EJ is a proficient reader at the age of 5 years old. His writing skills though is still trying to catch up with his reading skills. But he is getting there.

He can now write a sentence without asking me to spell the words for him! If he’s in the mood, he’d even write a short story. It makes me hope he’ll write a bestselling book one day. LOL!

Anyway, he sometimes borrows my phone to send a text message to my husband. This was their last text messages to each other.

The last sentence made me laugh! LOL!

I posted this in facebook and my brother commented “that’s what EJ learned from playing with gadget all the time.”

Well, EJ spends considerable time playing on his iPad (especially during our vacation) and on his daddy’s laptop. But he doesn’t have free reign on everything. We still control his time and we impose limits on everything.

His last sentence in the above text was I think, meant to be funny, hence the “hehehehe”. But I also wonder, does he ever learn something of value from playing with gadgets?

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