Over the years I have written about many subjects concerning Cambodia and maintained this blog as best as I could. But, of course, I have a daytime job too. So lately the blog has suffered from my absence. Additionally, the situation in general and especially the political situation in Cambodia have not changed much for the better,  quite the opposite. Nevertheless, what’s news is reported by the media, and many reports reflect my own personal opinion so I don’t think it needs my personal input as well. A good source of information are the local English newspapers, all with an online edition: The Cambodia Daily, The Phnom Penh Post, and the Khmer Times.

You can check into the local Sihanoukville situation on Facebook. You will also find many interesting posts there, e. g. Expats and Locals in Sihanoukville, and many other groups about Cambodia.

I will leave the blog up so interested people can read up on a few things that might of interest to them.. However, I will no longer reply inquiries or comments.

Tank you for reading my blog.

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