My Khmer partner und I are looking for an active partner for the following boutique hotel project:
We have a lease for 10 years for one of the remaining lots at the far end of Otres Beach with clear, unhindered access to the beach. We have plans to build a boutique resort hotel in the 3/4  star category.
Frontage is 30 m; the lot is 1700 m2 and allows for 10 room units (4 in a two-story duplex, 6 bungalows, 30 m2 each), a 5 x 15 m swimming pool, a small bar with reception, a separate storage building, water tank tower, genset housing, and enough room for a tropical garden. Power is available; water well, and septic tank will be installed.
A restaurant/bar will be built on the area between the road and the beach. That area is leased separately from province.

This is going to be an upscale, de-luxe resort with sports activities, e. g. kite surfing, windsurfing, fishing/snorkeling trips on resort-owned 7 ½ m speed boat, etc.

Nearby is a similar hotel – the Secret Garden, which has been running successfully even in the rainy season (up to 90%). Next to that property, another mid-range hotel is going to be built by a Frenchman, also with 10 (or alternatively 20 in two-story) bungalows. Our property is one lot down towards the SE end.
Due to this location we believe that despite these two competing properties there is still room for another 10 rooms as Ocheuteal is maxed out and does not cater to our desired clientele; the near end of Otres is a backpackers destination while the far end of Otres will offer more upscale Western tourists a more relaxed, hassle-free environment. Tourist arrivals are up across the board and are going to continue trending upward. There are only a handful of upscale, beachfront properties with swimming pools in Sihanoukville. The other upscale planned developments on Otres (e. g. Queenco) are all gaming-related and cater to a different clientele. Our target clientele is Western and upscale Asian.
The access road has been paved all the way to the end, only a short stretch along the beach is still dirt road. That will be paved shortly.
The overall investment volume is currently estimated at $170,000, but an additional $15% need to be factored in as a safety margin. Although our target rack rates will be in the $70 range, our projection sets the break-even point at a 50% occupancy with $40/net per room (amortization of investment over 10 years). We are looking for a one-third to 50% partner, preferably with some expertise in the hospitality, tourism business. Both my partner (co-owner of boutique hotels in Phnom Penh) and I have been active in the hotel/tourism industry many years. Due to our age and other business interests we would like to have a younger partner to share in the day-to-day operation of the property and shoulder some of the responsibilities. We are planning to level and fill up the lot as soon as the rainy season lets up somewhat. Construction will take about 3 months with a soft opening planned for late January 2013.
We believe this is a unique opportunity for somebody with a serious interest in branching out or building a solid existence in Cambodia. If this seems something down your alley please email me with a few details about yourself – but please only serious inquiries from qualified persons.

What’s unique here?  Location – Location – Location – How much beach land is left in Sihanoukville?

General lay-out


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