From 13th till 15th May 2012; Karuna Youth Club went to Oral district, Kampong Speu province to create Capacity Building Camp 4 for youth and children in Chrok Teak Primary school. First we just want to say thank very much to Empowering Youth in Cambodia who help to pay transportation for us while we went there. Also we just want to say thank very much to Mr. Paul Chuk who help to organized everything for us such as school location, home stay, food etc, and donate some moneys to support this trip as well. The same as previous camp, we have provide educate games to youth and children in this village. Around 90 youths and children joined our program from 2pm till 5pm. They have learned a lot from our program as they improve too much as well. In the end of program we gave them some souvenirs such as book, pen and snack. We just want to say thank to all generous people who have to donate books, pens, pencils and clothes to support our program. Their kinds feeling show their compassionate to poor people who need help. Totally our camping was finish with successful in Chrok Teak Primary school, Trapong Chou commune, Oral district, Kampong Speu province. Around 20 Karuna Youth Club member was organized this great event and help each other to prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This camp is not just for only youth and children there but for our member as well. They have learned a lot from this camping such as how to work in group and how to organize an emergency event; specially the new member who never been involve with our camping program before. We have a lot fun and have learn a lot from environment and tourist place there. We hope we will back again and bring something new for people there.

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