From 8th to 10th April 2012, Karuna Youth Club went to Koh Kong Province to Create Capacity Building Camp there for our member. Before we went there; we hope to create a short camp for youth and children there, but we decide to cancel it because the location and the weather not so good. Also in that commune, the people seem not too poor and have a little bit family. So that, this 3day at Koh Kong province is a good opportunity for our member to learn from each other and build our friendship more and more. Also they can learn about the people life there, and have a lot of fun while we went to Eco tourist site in that province. Koh Kong is a rich province of waterfall; we went to many waterfalls and other spiritual place. We just want to say thank very much brother Kov Puthearoth ( Rodwell Kov) who help to donate money to support our trip. Without his donation we may difficult to create this nice trip as we didn’t have any sponsor yet. Also we just want to say thank to Samneang aunt as well who help to provide a nice house for us while we stay there. Karuna Youth Club Koh Kong Trip was finish successfully in this year, we learn a lot from each other and environment there.

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