equinox  1st first monday musician jam session live music phnom penh 20120604

Bring your guitar, your banjo, violin, ukulele, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, insert-instrument-of-choice-here; or just bring your lungs and get singing.  The first Musician’s Session will be happening on Monday, March the 5th at 8pm, upstairs in Equinox on street 278. 

An opportunity for musicians to get together in a relaxed, informal setting and share their music: try out new songs and unusual covers, meet other musicians and perhaps form new bands. Performers will take it in turns to perform a number, no amps and mics, just instrument and voice.  Everyone will get their chance to perform, have a few drinks, chat and enjoy others’ performances. 

To get involved, or find out more information, sign up to the facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/ppmusicianscollective/

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