I had to try the new online ordering at yourphnompenh.com, and I was happy when I found that Friends the Restaurant, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Phnom Penh, had online ordering.
I use to order online all the time when I was living in the States, so easy and convenient. It is especially convenient here in Cambodia when it at times can be hard to understand the restaurant staff on the phone. 
Anyway, I decide to order No. 28 Dara’s favorite Beef Tacos with Tomato Salsa, No. 1 Sundried Tomato Hummus on Crispy Wonton Wrappers, No. 4 Grilled Vegetables with Lemon and Olive Oil, and No. 15 French Fries Sweet Potatoes with Curry Mayonnaise. 
The tacos were great probably among the best tacos in Phnom Penh. The hummus and the grilled vegetables were good but not anything over the ordinary (I would still order them again). The Sweet Potato French Fries with Curry Mayonnaise is also one of my favorite, I really like the mayo in combination with the sweet potato. It is also an interesting twist of Cambodian food, in Cambodia you can find deep fried sweet potato among the street food but it is normally served with sugar, and the curry is also used in the Cambodian kitchen but never mixed with mayo. 
The online service was really easy and intuitive to use, I also liked that I could pin my house on the map so they really understands where I live. It took 36 min from the time I sent the order until I receive my food. 
You can check out the prices yourself on their menu here: http://www.yourphnompenh.com/orderfoodonline/friends-the-restaurant/
Food: + + + + +
Service: + + + + +
Atmosphere: I ate at home, so great atmosphere 😉
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really bad and 5 is excellent)
Price: $ $ $
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really cheap and 5 is very expensive)
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