Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is one of the latest additions in the Phnom Penh restaurant scene, they opened in the beginning of 2012. The owner is from Singapore but they serve Brazilian inspired food. They are definitely trying to target the richer Cambodians and foreigners with their modern, Asian-chic décor and their high-end prices. In the evening they have BBQ buffet for 26,90 per person, not including drinks. The Buffet consists of a salad buffet, a warm side dishes buffet, a cheese, ham and fruit section and last but not least a BBQed meat buffet. The waiters and the chiefs walk around in the restaurant and serve you the BBQed meat by your seat so you do not need to leave your seat to get the meat.  The other parts of the buffet you will have to go and get yourself by the buffet table.

It is definitely worth a visit if you are a meat lover but I wouldn’t recommend the place to a vegetarian even though I thought the salad buffet was really good. The expectations on a restaurant with these prices in Phnom Penh will be higher. The food surely lived up to my expectation, but the seating was way too narrow for a buffet restaurant. Every time someone from our company wanted to go and get more food the rest of us had to squeeze in so the person could pass.

My only real complaint is that did not serve free water to the wine, which I think all high-class restaurant ought to do. With drinks (wine and water) and the buffet the bill ended at $40 per person.

Food: + + + +
Service: + + + +
Atmosphere: + + + 
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really bad and 5 is excellent)
Price: $ $ $ $ $
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really cheap and 5 is very expensive)

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