The Latin Quarter offers set lunch for 15$, the set lunch includes appetizer, main course, dessert and a glass of wine/a beer, or a soft drink. It’s a pretty good price given that it includes the drink.

The restaurant does definitely have a South American feeling to it both the decoration and the music that they are playing. The menu on the other side feels more like it is inspired by South Europe food, especially Spanish. Could be that the Manager originates from Uruguay but has lived most of his life in Europe.

In the set-lunch menu they offer you can choose from three different alternatives for each dish. I do not know how often they change the lunch menu, but the item on the lunch menu you will also be able to find as individual items in the á la carte menu.

We had Gazpacho Soup and Green Pea and Mint Soup as appetizers, both of these soups are served cold. Both the soups were delicious and beautifully presented. For mains we had Duck breast served with Port Wine sauce and fried potatoes and mushrooms, and Salmon fillet served with sweet mustard sauce and fried potatoes. The potatoes and the sauce were great but both the duck breast and the salmon fillet could have been cooked a little bit longer. Which was a little bit disappointing since it is the main part of the lunch. But the disappointment did not last long because our desserts were superb, we had Cheese cake with Mango and Passion fruit, and Crème Brulée.

All in all I would say that the presentation of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant were great, but there was still room for improvements when it came to the service. 

Food: + + + 
Service: + + +
Atmosphere: + + + + +
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really bad and 5 is excellent)
Price: $ $ $ $
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really cheap and 5 is very expensive)


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