The shop too is one of my favorite coffee shops in Phnom Penh when I have the time to take a longer coffee break. It is located in Toul Kork, so if you do not live in Toul Kork, it can feel a bit off but I still think the place is worth a visit once in a while. The streets in that part of Toul Kork is much calmer than central Phnom Penh and the The Shop too is placed in a big villa with a big garden in front of the house so the atmosphere is definitely relaxing, which is highly appreciated at times.

The Shop Too is a sister restaurant to The Shop on Street 240, but The Shop too is much bigger with both an air-conditioned indoor area and two outdoor areas. They also offer a bigger select of food, with pizza section on their menu.

I went there, a while ago, to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon tea with my wife. We had Earl grey tea and “breakfast smoothie” to drink and carrot soup, a chocolate mousse cake and an éclair to eat. The bill ended around $13-14.

They also have great selection of bread but it might be finished in the afternoon.

Food: + + + 
Service: + + +
Atmosphere: + + + + + 
(Scale 1-5, 1 is really bad and 5 is excellent)
Price: $ $ $


(Scale 1-5, 1 is really cheap and 5 is very expensive)


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