Someone used to say that we do not know about the future, but we are the one who define what our future will be. That’s the reason why I am afraid to make a decision now because I know that I have to spend at least two years staying in the decision I made.

I just landed my first full time career for one month as a leader of Multimedia team at Apsara News Network (ANN), an online publication under Apsara Media. I have to say that I somehow like this place because I could work in a less pressure environment and I mostly could work on what I myself initiate. The boss is very friendly and helpful. He mostly likes the ideas I have suggested, and this made me have more motivation to work here. The people also not bad. They are friendly and most of them are my friends who graduated from the school. I had determined since before I joined this team that I will try my best to bring reputation to this institution because I feel that I have a lot of ideas not yet implemented. However, after one month here, given too much freedom with no any pressure have made me feel being ignored. I started to feel that it seemed like no one cares about what I am doing, and no one come to give any comment whether what I am doing is good or bad. This made me used to think that having me or not having me is not so important.

Now it comes to a transition. Soon after I graduated, I was offered some positions at some workplaces. I rejected because I hope I could land myself in my current institution. But now my feeling started to change because what I used to expect seem not to be achieved though I will spend several years here. And recently, I just got a recommendation to another workplace which is an international institution. The position is a communication officer, which is my ultimate goal. I’ve surf for a lot of information about that institution and it is a kind of good one.

I am hard to make the decision now, but I have to. I just need sometimes to make sure that I will not regret of what I have done. I hope that I could find the solution soon.

Last but not least, thanks you all for spending time reading my journal. I know that it is too personal, but if you have any suggestion or recommendation from your previous experiences, it would be highly appreciated.

By: Dara Saoyuth 
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