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It is 11 months already since I had joined, an online publication of the Department of Media and Communication (DMC). I have never thought that this day will come because I was in the team since the beginning that even the name of the website was not yet approved. I always feel that I am belong to the institution the same as I always regard DMC as my second home.

During my time as an editor, I did enjoy working with reporters who mostly are students from the department. We are really friendly and when there is any problem, we talk it out and find solution together. I really like that time.

However, as soon as I graduate, I got a full-time job as a Multimedia and Feature team leader for the Apsara News Network (ANN), so I have to accept the fact that I have spent most of my time working for the new institution. Besides, I am also an editor-in-chief for an online website. Since then, I am guilty that I do not have much time to involve with the DMCpost team. When the writers sent their articles, I didn’t have enough time to respond them on time.

To sum up, I would say that it is a right decision though sad for me to leave I want myself to be more responsible on what I am doing, so it is not good for me to stay there while I do not have enough time to contribute to that institution as what everyone has expected from me. What I hope is that, they would still think of me when they need any help in the future, and I will try my best to contribute what I could to my second home.

By: Dara Saoyuth
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