Yesterday was the busiest day for me because I had to struggle in finalizing my thesis. When I woke up this morning, I felt so fresh and relief like putting a big rock down from my shoulders. I started to catch up with my previous habit that I would read a novel at least a few pages before getting up and getting ready to go out.

I am also feel that I am lucky that a lot of opportunities come to me just at the right time. There are many job offers in related fields I have studied for four years. The difficult thing now is to make a decision on what job I want to do and what place I want to land my first full-time career on.

This morning, I went to meet director of Apsara TV to discuss the possibility of working in that institution. After half an hour of talking, I felt that I am interested in the job descriptions I would handle there as well. My responsibility is to work on different methods to make Apsara online website more popular among Cambodians. That is also what I have been doing on my personal blog and the other website I am a co-founder.

I will start this job from Monday next week, but it’s just the probation period because I want to apply for other positions at other institutions as well for the reason that I don’t know clearly yet about the working environment at Apsara, and the other institutions are also providing good benefits, so I want to try them.

It should be time for me to end this post, and I would like to thank you all for following my blog. I will keep updating it. And if you don’t see any update here, it means that I am working on other things else, especially my other website at

By: Dara Saoyuth


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