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Che Culo

The place is like a cathedral, wide open, beautiful and cozy.

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Credit Card Payment – Your Phnom Penh

The most convenient way to pay is with credit card. Many of our customers order only from venues that have credit card payment on delivery.

Your Phnom Penh uses one of the safest mobile payment terminal – no credit card information is stored by us.

Venues that have the credit card logo support the following cards:

  • VISA
  • UnionPay
  • JCB


Interested in adding credit card payment to your online ordering? Mobile Payment terminal and transaction fees are covered by Your Phnom Penh. Contact us below.

Contact Sales



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Ecological Food Packages Cambodia

Some of the most popular and trendy restaurants have the leaf symbol on our online ordering page. They are using Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging for a cleaner planet.


Restaurant owner? Order your Eco-boxes online and get them delivered to your restaurant within an hour.

Order Eco Boxes, become Eco-Branded

Restaurants in Phnom Penh using Eco Boxes

Backyard Café
Black Bambu
The Exchange
Che Culo
D22 restaurant – TamaHome
Deco Restaurant
The deli bistro gourmet
Java Café & Gallery
Kettlebell Café
Eleven One Kitchen
La patisserie by Christophe
Maison Kayser restaurant
Open Wine
Pop Café Da Giorgio
Zino Wine Bar
The Tiger’s Eye
Testco Café Restaurant

EcoSense Ad

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EcoSense Cambodia

Ecosense-Cambodia provides superior quality biodegradable food packaging (which is a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam & plastic.)

Their products are made of natural fibers such as sugar cane, which makes them entirely compostable.

Coming from sustainable and renewable sources, the products do not carry any GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or carcinogen substances.

Technical Specification

100% Non-toxic contamination
100% Biodegradable in 45 days
100% Microwavable
100% Non-wood fiber
100% Resistant to temperature from -40°C to +250°C


Let us know what you think about our ambition and how much you care about the environment choices we can do? Take survey!

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PP Players at Department of Performing Arts

Phnom Penh Players believes that theatre provides a wonderful forum to engage people in a fun, positive social environment and simultaneously bring value to the local community through entertainment and the national community through fundraising support. As such, it brings together people from across the Phnom Penh community who wish to contribute as volunteers towards Phnom Penh Players’ three key purposes:

  1. To provide opportunities for children, young people, and adults in Phnom Penh to participate in theatre production  and performance;
  2. To provide opportunities for people in Phnom Penh to enjoy high quality theatrical performances; and
  3. To provide broader public benefit through the donation of all profits generated through these productions to nominated NGOs operating within Cambodia.
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Chicky Rotisserie – Tonle Bassac

Phnom Penh’s first ever traditional French Rotisseriet that  import their ingredients, including Grade A corn fed chickens, directly from Europe.
Rotisserie CHICKY use an authentic chicken-roasting machine which slowly cooks the skewered meat on a turning spit. Following tradition, their potatoes are cooked in the chicken fat below.
Rotisserie-style cooking is hugely popular in France and is part of the nation’s culinary tradition. Growing up, it was common for mum to buy a rotisserie-roasted chicken for the family. At home, dad would carve it, and the family would enjoy the meal together.

They have an extended range of side dishes that change daily. These include roasted potatoes and salads. They also serve soups, desserts and French wine.

Chicky Rotisserie has two venues in Phnom Penh

Street 29 in Tonle Bassac

Street 63 in BKK1

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Jay’s Diner

This is a New York 1050’s inspired diner, serving what will become the best hamburger in town.

Jay’s Diner is offering some of New York’s best food.
The décor is a twist of a classic American Diner with Bistro.

Their menu showcases big salads, mezzes and of some of the best burgers in town. Daily specials are also available.

Breakfast is served throughout the day so don’t worry if you like to wake up late as pancakes, eggs and waffles will still be available.

Close Sunday for Lunch and Dinner.

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The Winehall is a wholesale and retail wine shop in the heart of Phnom Penh, where quality becomes affordable. The Winehall offers a wide variety of wines from different countries of origin, grape varieties, and price ranges..We have hidden some real gems and rare treasures among our range, waiting for you to be discovered, and are also proud to offer you some of the best environmentally friendly wines around. Please find a selection of our wines for online ordering below, but do come by our shop to join for weekend tastings, every Friday 5pm – Sunday 7pm. Enjoy!

Delivery hours: 9.30 – 19.30
Mon –Sun

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Metro Azura

Located in TK Avenue Mall, Metro Azura brings the Asian fusion small plates and expertly mixed cocktails you have come to expect from Metro to Toul Kork. Azura is modern, sophisticated and architecturally stunning.

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10 Most Popular Hotels in Phnom Penh According To Trip Advisor – December 2013

10 Most Popular Hotels in Phnom Penh According To Trip Advisor – December 2013

1. White Mansion Boutique Hotel (check special deal from Agoda)

2.  Raffles Hotel Le Royal (check special deal from Agoda)

3.  The Pavilion (check special deal from Agoda)

4. The Villa Paradiso (check special deal from Agoda)

5.  Rambutan Resort (check special deal from Agoda)

6. Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra (check special deal from Agoda)

7. La Rose Boutique Hotel & Spa (check special deal from Agoda)

8.  La Maison d’Ambre (check special deal from Agoda)

9.  The Plantation (check special deal from Agoda)

10.  the 252 (check special deal from Agoda)

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Brooklyn Pizza Delivery

A slice of Brooklyn, New York, right here in Phnom Penh! In addition to authentic N.Y. style pizza, we also serve the best pasta, burgers, ribs, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads and wraps. Top it off with a slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake and a Latte.

Venue is open


Stuff Pizzas

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Angkor CAMBO-INDIA is a new restaurant in Phnom Penh, with great legacy from Phnom Penh India and Sher E Punjab restaurants. With Indian and Nepalese Chefs they serve Indian Western & Khmer Classic Cuisines.

Restaurant is spacious and conveniently located on the street 278, house 8A.

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Microbrewery in Phnom Penh

Craft beer in Phnom Penh, Obama and Stuffed Frogs – interview with Neo Say Wee, Brewmaster at Himawaris Microbrewery

Ten years ago, when Singaporean Neo Say Wee studied Computer Science he developed a great interest that was shared by many of his peers, namely Beer. Neo interest went further than most, he had a hunger to discover the skills and craft man ship behind a great tasting beer.

…Not only to enjoy it as the final product but how all the ingredients builds up to the final taste, the importance of clean environment and tools, knowing how the micro-organisms works and are affected and of course the challenge in making good beer

Today Neo works at the award winning Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery in Singapore as a professional brewer. In 2011 he got an invitation from a friend, Andrew Tay at Himawari Hotel, who asked him if he would like to setup a microbrewery here in Phnom Penh.

Microbrewery can be defined as a brewery that usually produces beer, also called Craft Beer, and is small, independent and traditional with limited production size.

Cambodia has many good local Lager beers but only a few microbreweries. When Neo accepted Andrews invitation he decided that he wanted to create a high quality ale microbrewery. He saw it as a big but exciting challenge.

Himawari Hotel
Himawari Hotel


Machines from China, Malt from Germany, Hops from New Zealand, Yeast from US and Belgium and uv-filtered Cambodian water with extra minerals


In November last year, Himawari Microbrewery opened it’s doors as Cambodia’s first and only microbrewery in a 5 star hotel.

Himawaris Microbrewery
Himawaris Microbrewery

The brewery is currently producing three craft beers; Honey Sap, Nelson Blonde, Gem & Jade.


Nelson Blonde, Honey Sap and Gem & Jade

Nelson Blonde

A light tasting and low bitterness Blonde Ale with 4.5% alcohol. The Hops is important from New Zealand with the distinctive flavor and aromas of Nelson Sauvin hops… spicy food would work well with this beer.


Gem & Jade
A more robust and more bitter Ale with 5% alcohol. Pacific Gem & Pacific Jade “Alpha” hops are used and together with the malt to create stronger more complex mouthful beer, slightly toasty taste… that goes well with Burgers and BBQs


Honey SAP
Himawaris Honey Ale – the Honey SAP is a light tasting and low bitterness Ale with up to 6% alcohol. Honey from the Tonle Sap and Mondulkiri is added and gives the beer a sweet taste…


…Honey Ales are globally having an upswing maybe somewhat thanks to The White House, as The White House is producing its own Honey Ale by the request of the President Obama

Obama Honey Ales
The White House is producing its own Honey Ale by the request of the President Obama who purchased a home brewing kit using his personal funds.

Neo reveals:

My own favorite is the Gem & Jade, as I like more bitter Ales”

but he also enjoys commercial beers when he can:

I often drink commercial beer for taste calibration, as it must be a reason why commercial beers do well.. Understanding the local beer culture and preference is important factor in creating a good local crafts beer

Special brew for Chinese New Year

Special brew for Chinese New Year, a Cider made of Apples Juice, Fresh Dragon Fruit, fermented with Champagne yeast

The microbrewery will be ready to start serving the Red Dragon Cider from 10th of February.

Red Dragon Cider
Red Dragon Cider

Neo also told us about a Cambodian specialty that he found very tasteful

Korng Kaib Bouk is something special, I have not seen it anywhere else, very delicious and I enjoy eating once and a while when I’m in Phnom Penh. It is charcoal cooked frog stuffed with minced pork, spices, garlic, chili, fish sauce and lemongrass. Very tasty.

The Chef Gordon Ramsey featured this specialty on one of his visits to Cambodia.

It might not be found on the menu but they do have a full bar menu suited for the craft beers and for those who prefer a good cigar to a good beer there are Davidoff cigars too.

Himawari Micro Brewery is open daily, 12pm – 10.30pm.

Now in February there is a 30% happy hour discount between 5pm-7pm.

See address and more information here.

Neo Say Wee - Himawaris Brewmaster
Neo Say Wee – Himawaris Brewmaster

Hope to see you and let me know what you think about the beer! Cheers!

Your Phnom Penh interview with Neo Say Wee,
Phnom Penh
January 2013.

Have you tried any of the beers? Whats your opinion?